500 miles in 24 hours

My need to travel and my fear of flying often take me places that a lot of people would find unreasonable, but to me make perfect sense.  A good example would be our seven day vacation in the spring of 2008.  We spent four days driving, two there and two home, from Detroit to Orlando just to spend three days by a friend’s pool. To be fair though, we also met up with other friends for dinner and took one excursion to Gatorland.

A better example would be the Laughlin/Havasu trip in June 2011.  I have a hard time turning down free, because well it’s FREE!  So when the mother-in-law offered us a free night at the River Palms hotel in Laughlin, Nevada I could not say no.  I work Saturday’s and it takes me four weeks to earn one day of vacation time.  I was not going to give up my precious PTO time for an overnight getaway.  Fortunately Laughlin is only a four hour drive from Phoenix.  Of course you have to add in time for dinner and the occasional stop to take pictures (it once took us six hours to make a three hour drive).  We headed out of Phoenix  around 4:30pm and arrived in Laughlin around 10:30pm.  We checked into our room and headed down to the casino.  We had a couple drinks.  We played video poker.  We took a walk along the river.  We then happily fell into bed!

The next morning we went over to the Riverside Resort & Casino.  The third floor of the resort houses Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection.  Over 80 rare, antique and historic vehicles, in other words, Man Heaven.  Typically they don’t let you go past the ropes in places like this.  Today we got lucky.  The docent working that day was a very friendly and trusting, though very anxious older gentleman that agreed to walk around with us and let us take pictures by the cars.  It also happened that he owned one of the cars on display!  We sent him some pictures when we got home.

Since it was in the area, 70 miles away, we decided to stop at Lake Havasu, Arizona on the way home.  Lake Havasu is the home of the world famous London Bridge. The bridge was bought in 1968 and rededicated in Havasu in 1971 after being reconstructed brick by brick.  Having never been to Lake Havasu before I was rather surprised when we actually drove over the bridge.  I thought it would be a monument not an actual working bridge!  We had lunch at the Javelina Cantina then took a stroll by the bridge.

London Bridge

The availability of swimming water in Arizona is very different from what I am used to having grown up in Michigan.  Since we were in Lake Havasu, I could not end my trip without going swimming.  We found a beach and cooled off for a half hour or so before making the return drive home.  We arrived back home exactly 500 miles and 24 hours later!

Photo credit:  Coldshot Photography


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