Crusoe’s Retreat – Fiji


A year ago today the husband and I were packing our bags and boarding a plane after spending six spectacular days in Fiji.  We ended up in Fiji thanks to some divine intervention from Google.  Let me explain.  I turned 40 last year and wanted to do so in a big way.  I immediately knew I wanted to spend my birthday on a tropical island and was thinking somewhere in the Caribbean.  I also wanted to go somewhere that was adult only, so I initially started looking into the Sandal’s resorts.  During my research however, Google being ever so smart and always looking out for my best interests popped up ads for Fiji and Bora Bora.  Hmmmmm…..

At the first sight of those two destinations I dropped the Caribbean and never looked back!  I quickly decided that unless I could stay in an over the water bure I wanted nothing to do with Bora Bora and unfortunately those particular accommodations are slightly out of my current price range.  So Fiji it was!

After what seemed like months of research and comparing of resorts we finally settled on Crusoe’s Retreat.  Crusoe’s is a boutique resort with only 28 bure’s on the island of Viti Levu about two hours south of Nadi.  The resort is family friendly but the week we were there we only saw one child.  It is winter in Fiji in June but the weather was still in the 80’s and gorgeous.  It rained on and off the last two days of our trip but coming from Phoenix where we can go months without rain, it was actually a welcome treat. Crusoe’s was the perfect resort for us.  It was small but offered enough activities to keep us occupied. The resort offers tour packages throughout the island but we declined them.  In addition to the accommodations there is a restaurant, bar and spa on site.





We stayed in the Deluxe Seaside Bure.  What this means is we were three bure’s off the beach, we were in a single accommodation and we had an outdoor shower!








The resort is located directly next to the village of Namaqumaqua and most of the employee’s lived in the village.  A tour of the village is offered as part of the resort activities.  The tour included a stop at the village school where the children put on a presentation as well as the community center where the ladies of the village gave a presentation and set up for shopping.  The presentation by the ladies of the village included a dance competition and the drinking of kava.  The roots of the kava plant are used to make the drink which has sedative and anesthetic properties that the ladies compared to drinking alcohol. It may be the worst tasting fluid I’ve ever drank.  We also stumbled upon a cemetery while we were out exploring on our own.










We encountered a varied amount of “wildlife” during our week in Fiji, the most surprising to me was the size of the bugs.  It was nice to run into some of the village dogs during our walks on the beach.  We also passed by a boy walking his goats.  There was a cat that wandered around the resort and much to my surprise a frog was living within our walls.






Aside from spending my birthday in a tropical location, the main purpose of the trip for me was to relax. Most of my trips are usually fast paced and offer very little relaxation, I wanted this one to be different.  I did a lot of relaxing, I read two books and napped almost every day.  It would be impossible for me to be completely sedentary for a week though so we did do some activities.  This was the first time either myself or the husband snorkeled.  He took to it much faster than I did.  Despite being fascinated by the ocean it scares me to death and I had a mini-panic attack our first time out.  I’m not scared of being in the water, I’m scared of what is or could be coming up from behind me in the water.  I kept with it though and was much more relaxed each time we went out.  I did however, skip the deep-sea snorkeling trip that the husband went on, twice!








The resort also did a fish feed every day at noon.  The first day the husband stood in the water taking photos.  The second time he snorkeled around the fish while they were being fed.



In addition to snorkeling we also went on a glass bottom boat tour and a guided nature walk.



 And we took pictures, lots and lots of pictures.







Since returning home I have recommended Fiji and Crusoe’s Resort to as many people as will listen.  There are so many other places I have yet to visit that I don’t know if Fiji will make it back onto my travel agenda, but I sure hope it does.


More photos from this trip are at Perfectly Damaged Photography

Photo credit:  Coldshot Photography


6 thoughts on “Crusoe’s Retreat – Fiji

  1. The photography in this is so beautiful and telling. (I particularly love the Coldshot Photography picture of you both walking into the sunset, the darkened one of hubby by the water, the one under it and that amazing last one)

    For the record, I am listening to your recommendation! What an amazing gift to yourself!

    Also, I love the (new?) layout of your page (newish? I am not always reading from a computer sooo…).


    1. Thank you! It was such an amazingly beautiful place. I could have written so much more about our time there, but I wanted to focus on the photography for this post.

      The layout is new, I think it makes it a little easier to navigate.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoy going on your vacations with you. You do such a good job of writing and story telling with your photography, that I feel as if I am right there with you (I wish). You are making so many memories for you and Dane to look back on and realize what a magnificent life the two of you spent together. If I accomplished anything it was to pass on to you how important it is to take vacations and enjoy life to the fullest. Love you both, Mom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you momma! As my mother you are obligated to read what I write, but it truly makes me happy that you enjoy it as well. There’s only so much I can describe over the phone, sometimes you just need to see something.

      I do believe the seeds for my need for travel were planted in the hatchback of a Ford Pinto somewhere along the I-17 on the way to Florida and yes, that is your doing 🙂

      I love you so much and hope to visit soon.


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