Travel Necessities

We all have our own idea of what constitutes a travel necessity.  In fact, if you Google “Travel Necessities”, you’ll receive 26.6 million results… TWENTY-SIX MILLION, wow, that’s a little overwhelming.  These results vary in the type of items deemed “necessary” for travel and include everyday items such as clothing, hygiene products, legal documents, and money as well as obscure items like luggage tracking devices, packing cubes, and travel scales (I’m sorry, what?).

Personally I find it a bit insulting that someone feels the need to remind me to pack my clothes, my hygiene products, my money, and my legal documents, those are all pretty common sense standard items… or at least I would think. What I deem necessary for travel actually depends on the type of travel being taken.  There is a big difference between backpacking and a road trip, and a road trip and international travel.

Despite these differences, and except for backpacking trips, the kid and I do have one item that is an absolute must come everywhere with me item.  Those that know me might assume this item is of the shoe variety, but it isn’t.  Our absolute travel necessity is of the woobie (term popularized by the 1983 movie Mr. Mom referring to security blanket) variety.

My travel woobie is a pillow I bought as a pillow blanket set at least 10 years ago from Spencer’s, my “bitch”.


The kids travel woobie is a stuffed frog that my mom bought her and the girl (my sister from Three Girls and a Yellow VW Beetle who also travels with her frog) when they were just young girls.

Manassas, Virginia

Believing myself a practical traveler, our travel woobies do have multiple functions outside of just being woobies. Both can be used as pillows, whether on road trips…

The girl during the Three Girls and a Yellow VW Beetle trip
The girl during the Three Girls and a Yellow VW Beetle trip
Traveling from Burntwood to London, England
Traveling from Burntwood to London, England

… or on a plane, or during long flight layovers.

Layover in Atlanta going to Vicksburg, Mississippi
Layover in Atlanta, Georgia going to Vicksburg, Mississippi
Layover in Atlanta on the way to England
Layover in Atlanta, Georgia on the way to England

During road trips I always prop my left leg up on the seat and rest my knee on the door which is uncomfortable without a cushion.  Both my “bitch” and the frog are great cushions!

Since we’ve acquired these items, they have traveled everywhere with us, again with the exception of my backpacking trips because I have a more weight accommodating pillow, and I’m afraid something might happen to it. Though well travelled, they are rarely photographed but are occasionally used specifically for photographic purposes!

The frog having a drink in Tucson, Arizona
The frog having a drink in Tucson, Arizona
Frog legs in the Atlanta, Georgia airport
Frog legs in the Atlanta, Georgia airport


I’d love to know what your absolute travel necessities include.





4 thoughts on “Travel Necessities

  1. I don’t know if I have a SPECIFIC travel item – though I have certain pieces of jewelry that I feel more comfortable with and certain stones I have to carry.
    Also, even if I never take a sip, I am much more comfortable having a bottle of water with me on a plane. – I do buy new things, even if it is just something small, for a trip – it sorta makes it feel ‘formally’ like a trip.


  2. It occurs to me I DO have a travel necessity – a bathing suit.
    I have actually thought about this topic on occasion since your posting this and been meaning to come back and reply.
    But yes, a bathing suit.

    Why? Because I like to swim and many hotels have pools – and there’s hot tubs and if there’s water, I want to be in it.

    I have traveled places where people have laughed at me and said ‘why are you taking a bathing suit THERE – you’ll never need it’ – and each time someone said that, I had the last laugh because I ended up using it.

    It is small, it takes up like no room in the suitcase, it can be used to wrap other things if necessary – so why not take it?


    1. I almost never take a bathing suit, unless I am specifically going somewhere to swim, such as the ocean. I guess I just assume that if a spontaneous need to swim arises I can get just about anything wet and it will dry 🙂


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