Pumpkins and a Cemetery in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona

I love living in Arizona, but come October I miss being in Michigan.  I miss the fall colors, the fall smells, the cooler temperatures (this month only), and I miss the apple orchards turned pumpkin patches, complete with apple cider donuts.  The Phoenix Metro Area is obviously lacking in the apple orchard department, which unfortunately means most “pumpkin patches” in town consist of pumpkins scattered around a church parking lot with some hay bales on display for good measure.  There are some farms here on the outskirts of town that also lay claim to being pumpkin patches, but the one we visited also just had pumpkins from a box scattered around an area with hay bales on display for good measure.

Being that I’m a little stubborn, I continuously search for things here in Phoenix that I had in Detroit, unwilling to compromise my wants based on geographical relocation, sometimes I’m successful, sometimes the search continues.  In the matter of the pumpkin patch, last year I was successful!  Mortimer Farms is in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, approximately 80 miles north of Phoenix.  The Pumpkin Festival at Mortimer Farms is held every weekend in October and includes your typical festival foods and entertainment, hayrides, a corn maze, a petting area, lots of activities for kids, AND pick your own pumpkins out of a right and proper pumpkin patch.


Next to wandering through rows and rows of pumpkins searching for the perfect ones (every year I get a minimum of 5 pumpkins), my other favorite aspect of the farm is the petting area.



Though as much as I like to pet the animals, feeding them scares the bejesus out of me.


And as much as I would like to say this was a one-time reaction, it’s not… I have this same reaction every single time I feed a farm animal, yet I continue to do it!

Goldking Mine; Jerome, Arizona Sept, 2011
Sept, 2011
Out of Africa; Camp Verde, Arizona May, 2012
May, 2012
Nov 2012
Nov 2012
 Oct 2013
Oct 2013

The husband on the other hand fears no animal.




The scarecrows at the farm were even dressed for Halloween this year.

Doctor Scarecrow
Doctor Scarecrow
Doctor Scarecrow
Doctor Scarecrow
Sept, 2011

This is the first year I have ever ventured into a corn maze, and I did so reluctantly having grown up in the Children of the Corn era.  Much like with feeding farm animals, the husband and I differ on this and he has never had a problem with corn fields.

Oct 2014
Oct 2014

What I most miss about visiting a pumpkin patch in Michigan is eating fresh made apple cider donuts.  I have yet to find apple cider donuts here in Arizona, so was beyond excited when I saw them on the menu at Mortimer’s this year. Sadly, they were not the same.

Apple cider donut as I know it
Apple cider donut as I know it
Apple cider donut in Arizona
Apple cider donut in Arizona

Whether in Michigan or Arizona, some things will always be the same.  At the end of the pumpkin patch visit I always take a picture with my pumpkin.


There are a couple different ways you can get to the farm from Phoenix, this year we took a different route than last year and I’m so happy we did.  Just down the road and around the corner from the farm I noticed an old cemetery.  On the way home from the farm we stopped to check it out.


I love cemeteries.  I love the sense of history that being in a cemetery projects.  And I love the sense of peace and calm I receive while in a cemetery.  Arizona in the grand scheme of things is a new state and therefore does not have the age quality of cemeteries as in other states, specifically the New England states, but our cemeteries are not without their unique qualities.

The Humboldt Cemetery was established in 1907 and has approximately 200 graves.  The uniqueness of this particular cemetery is that the majority of the graves are marked with a single cross, no name, no date.




20151024-File Oct 24, 10 53 02 PM-2

Most, but not all of the graves were unmarked.


20151024-File Oct 24, 10 53 31 PM-2

And some of the graves showed signs of visitors.



Even with a destination in mind, I always allow the journey to unfold itself and it always rewards me.

Photo Credit:  Coldshot Photography


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