365 Mile Challenge 2017

As 2016 was coming to an end I started thinking of my 2017 goals, never resolutions, only goals.  With my renewed interest in outdoor activities it was only natural that I include outdoor activity goals.  I had considered the 52 Hike Challenge Adventure Series, and may still do so informally, but decided one hike a week really wasn’t a challenge for me at this point.  So, I started thinking in terms of total mileage.  My first thought was 365 miles, same concept as the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge but for the entire year, 1 mile per day or 7 miles per week or 30 miles per month.   As if reading my mind, Rebecca, the founder of Hike Like a Woman, began talking about starting a 365 Mile Challenge for 2017, which she did with the help of a few other female outdoors bloggers.


My total hiking miles for 2016 were 151.7, that’s a long way from 365 miles.  The year broken down monthly looks like this:

January:  2.3 miles

New Years Day hike
New Years Day hike

February:  5.2 miles

Valentine's Day Hike
Valentine’s Day hike

March:  ZERO

April: ZERO

May:  1.3 miles

Lookout Mountain

June:  4.6 miles

Mormon Lake Trail
Mormon Lake Trail

July:  5.1 miles

Badger Springs Trail
Badger Springs Trail

August:  11.8 miles

Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest National Park

September:  12.4 miles

With my mom
Hiking with my mom

October:  25.6 miles

Halloween Day hike
Halloween Day hike

November:  50.4 miles

Women Who Hike Group Hike
Women Who Hike Group Hike

December:  32.6 miles

Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon

My weekly hiking average for the months of November and December 2016, when the 100 Miles Challenge started, was 9.2 miles.  When looked at that way I certainly have the ability to complete 365 miles, so to push myself a little further, in addition to participating in the 365 Mile Challenge I’m extending my hiking goal to 500 miles.  Five hundred miles in 365 days is 1.4 miles per day or 9.6 miles per week or 41.7 miles per month.   Challenge Accepted!

What are your outdoor goals for 2017?  Comment to share.



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