Hiking and Biking 500 Miles in 2017 – Week 40

When I started this year my goal was to hike 500 miles and bike 500 miles.  I’d been hiking 2-3 times per week and riding a 3 mile path around my neighborhood a few times a week, so the goal seemed completely attainable.  And then the heat came!  When the temperatures reached 90°, around April,  there was a noticeable slow down, specifically with bike miles.  I didn’t log any miles at all in June and they only trickled in during the months of July and August when the temperatures were well beyond 100°.  As I got further and further behind it became clear that I would not reach my goal, but instead of giving up completely, I’ve adjusted my goal.  I’m still shooting for 500 miles just with combined hiking and biking totals.

October 5, 2017

North Mountain Full Moon Hike and Drum Circle with Friends

So fortunate to call these ladies friends
Love on the mountain
I’ll never get enough of desert sunsets
The Harvest Moon rising among the magical energy of the drum circle
The sunset, the moonrise, the energy of the drum circle, and the company of these ladies were exactly what I needed

Running Total:  222 Hiking Miles 

October 6, 2017

Deem Hills Circumference Trail with Friends

From sunset to sunrise
We found this guy sunning himself
The temperature was less than 80 degrees but it felt much hotter with the sun beating down on us
Taking a moment to enjoy the shade

Running Total:  228.1 Hiking Miles
Total Elevation Gain 799 feet

October 7, 2017

Tour de Fat Parade – Tempe, Arizona

Though I’d never heard of it before, Tour de Fat is an annual event held in Tempe that celebrates bicycles and beer!
Parade participation is open to everyone so we decided to check it out… and it gave the husband a chance to take his Frankenstein bike for a ride!
The streets were filled with hundreds of bikes, in so many different styles!
The costumes were amazing, these two were Jelly Belly’s!
I had some user malfunction with my Strava app, we actually rode 6 miles

Running Total:  138.5 Biking Miles 

366.6 Total Hiking and Biking Miles toward 500 Miles in 2017



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