Hiking and Biking 500 Miles in 2017 – Week 48

December 2, 2017

Quartz Peak with Friends

This cloud cover did not last long, neither did the cool morning temperatures. By the time we finished this hike the temperature was in the mid 80’s… in December!
Quartz Peak is the exact type of hike I usually avoid, very steep with a lot of elevation gain in a fairly short distance, with scrambling.
The view from the summit was spectacular.
I have so much love and respect for each and every one of these ladies. In fact, I had no desire to even do this hike, but I did it because I hadn’t seen any of these women in a long time and I know it will be another long while before I see them again.

Running Total:  300.5 Hiking Miles
Total Elevation Gain 2505 feet

December 3, 2017

Trail 100 – Phoenix Mountain Preserve with a friend

Trail 100 is an 11 mile hike that goes through the Phoenix Mountain Preserve right in the middle of Phoenix. I’ve hiked the trail in sections before and had been wanting to complete the entire trail.
I made plans to hike Trail 100 without realizing the Quartz Peak Trail was the day before. This was a painful 11 miles… and I could barely walk for two days afterward.
A different kind of cairn.
It was slow going, but we completed the trail!

Running Total:  311.7 Hiking Miles
Total Elevation Gain 1124 feet

Zero biking miles

450.2 Total Hiking and Biking Miles toward 500 Miles in 2017


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