2018 – A Year of Transformation

I long ago gave up making new year’s resolutions in favor of new year’s goals.  This year, however, is a little different. This year for the first time I started seeing posts where instead of goals people were focusing on specific words to get them through the year.  I have no idea exactly how this works, but prior to even learning this was a thing I had a word for 2018…


The seeds of my transformation were planted in May of last year as I sat on top of my Jeep taking in the wonder that is Valley of the Gods.

As I sat here, completely alone and miles and miles away from the noise, crowds, and negative energy of the city, it occurred to me that this was the happiest I had been in a very long time.  It was at this moment that I knew I needed a change.  I wanted to move out of the city, small town Southern Utah was calling my name.

My seeds took root and really started to grow in August after spending a weekend with my mom and brother in Memphis.

That weekend reminded me of just how much I miss my family.  With the idea of moving already in my head, I thought why not just go spend a few years in Mississippi with my mom?

That one thought set off a chain reaction of thoughts that put me on the road to my ultimate goal… full-time travel.  There was no turning back now!

The moment I gave these thoughts a voice they ceased being thoughts and became a plan.  Once the plan was put into motion, everything just fell into place.

What exactly is the plan?  I’m moving to Mississippi to spend a few years with my mom and my brother.  While I’m there I will focus on paying off my debt, aka student loans and car loan.  I figure I can have both paid off within five or six years and then I will begin a career of travel nursing.  I’m aware that I don’t need to be debt free to travel nurse, however, if I AM debt free I can take time off to travel for pleasure in between travel work assignments!

Not only am I moving to a new state and different geographic area (from the southwest to the deep south) and from a large metropolitan area to a small city, but I am doing so as a single woman.  I prefer to keep the details of my personal life private, but this transition from wife to single woman is a large part of my transformation, and I felt that detail needed to at least be addressed.

One of the last photos taken of me the last time I was single, coincidentally in Mississippi with my momma.

As much as I love being in control and having a plan, I also love being spontaneous, so I’ve combined the two into what I call organized spontaneity.  This transformation will be a great exercise in organized spontaneity.  I have a basic plan, spend time with mom, pay off deft, travel; but will allow the details to unfold spontaneously, allowing this new life to grow and blossom uninhibited of any preconceived thoughts.

My journey begins in four days, on January 13th, because all my great life changes have begun on the 13th, and I can’t wait to see where I end up.


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