About Perfectly Damaged Photography

I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid.  My mom however, did not enjoy paying to get a roll of film developed with one, maybe two useable photos.  Those were the days of the Kodak 110 camera.  She was also not so happy about paying for the polaroid film that I wasted just as equally.  When I was in high school I received my first camera, a Kodak point and shoot 35 mm.  Once I started paying to get my own film developed I quickly learned to be a little more selective in what I captured.  I was a hold out on the “new” digital camera’s for a long time.  I liked, and still like having actual photographs.  However, once I finally made the crossover to digital I could once again take pictures of everything, and I did.

For years my photos were just snapshots used for preserving memories.  Then I met my husband, he is a photographer.  Soon I started to see things through his eyes.  I began to see ordinary places and objects in the context of a photo.  I started to ask questions about particular aspects of his photos.  I became curious about the art of photography.

Then, as if it was meant to be, he bought a new camera.  Guess who got the old one?  I started out just taking pictures of our cats, we have three.  There is always an opportunity to take a picture with three cats.  I then started taking the camera with me on our hikes.  Arizona offers an endless supply of amazing photo opportunities.

I met my husband while I played roller derby, he was our league photographer.  Though I no longer play, he still shoots for two of the leagues in the area.  We were heading out to a bout one Saturday and he suggested I take my camera.  I was not good.  But I kept going back and the photos got better.  Perfectly Damaged Photography was born!

Perfectly Damaged is based on the concept that nothing is perfect and we are all damaged.  We can however, live a life that is perfect for us despite the damage… Perfectly Damaged

I still have a lot to learn but am excited by the progress I’ve already made.  I hope that you will enjoy watching my progress unfold.


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