About Me

Travel is my passion.  I have a need for it in the same way I have a need for food and water.  Time and distance are of no concern to me.  I am equally satisfied with a day trip an hour or two down the road as I am changing time zones.

My preferred method of travel is the road trip.  Sure, hopping on a plane gets you to the destination faster , but for me the destination is secondary to the journey.  Road trips allow for the journey.  There are few things better than being in the car with nothing but time and open road ahead of me.  And to be honest, I have a flying phobia that rivals my snake phobia!

I did not wake up suddenly and decide that I wanted to travel, the desire was instilled in me at a very young age.  Some of my earliest memories are of family vacations in Florida.  Four people crammed into a Ford Pinto driving from Michigan to Florida is probably not everyone’s idea of a good time, but those early memories set a standard for me.  It was very important to my mom that we went on a vacation every year.  Whether it was Florida or just going camping up north, it was guaranteed that we were leaving our home for at least one week a year.  These days I start to get restless if I’ve gone more than two months without leaving my home.

I was born and raised in metro Detroit and can probably count on one, definitely not more than two hands how many places within Michigan, outside the Detroit metro area I have seen. Now that I am gone, this fact saddens me.  Had I just looked a little further past my own backdoor I could have seen all that Michigan has to offer a traveller.  I have learned, however, that this is not a situation exclusive of myself.  I now live in Arizona and have spoken with many Arizona natives who have not seen a quarter of what I have.  Being a transplant to the state I guess I still have a tourist mentality.  I hope to always be a tourist!

To date my travels have taken me to 38 states, 6 countries and 2 continents!  I can say with complete conviction that there is not a single place on this earth that I do not want to visit.  And I am taking my camera to all of them!

Since I received my first camera in high school, it has never been to0 far away.  My camera is my way of capturing the past.  Some day I may not remember the events in the photos, but I will know that I lived a full life because of them!

My hope is that my travels will inspire you to also pack your bags, whether to explore just beyond your backdoor or to a different time zone.


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