Travel/Adventure Blogs I Follow

Andy’s walks in the world
A blog about travel, hiking, adventures, and misadventures

Backcountry Horseman

Brown Gal Trekker

Camping for Women
The global resource for women campers


From Detroit – To Beyond
Exploring the world, one train, one plane, one automobile at a time

Hike Like A Woman
Community dedicated to inspiring women to hit the trails. Outdoor women inspiring each other, it’s what we’re all about.

Mountain Mom and Tots
Outdoor adventures with three tots in tow.

live and let wander

The Clueless Wanderer Blog
Adventuring, solo travel, silly antics, inspirational women

The Lollygaggers
Backpacking and hiking through life together as a team

Walking Two by Two
Come walk the world with us

Whit’s Wilderness
A Girl’s Guide to the Great Outdoors

White Mountain Woman
Tales of the somewhat epic adventures of an ordinary Wyoming woman